Magic Invoice is the world's first NO TOUCH automated invoice processing system powered by Doc2API, Intellect’s intelligent document processing platform.

Magic Invoice is built on CDR Graph TechnologyTM that ensures variation and complexity handling across Invoice Processing with complete ease. It’s Email2ERP Processing TechnologyTM delivers a complete AI, NLP & ML enabled cognitive solution - learning, adapting & integrating seamlessly with existing technology ecosystems, making the experience magical.

Magic Invoice absorbs documents for processing from Email, Drag drop and Upload.

Yes you can set the accuracy levels based on your requirements. For example if address details is not an important field, you can make that an exception and set the accuracy levels to be 100% for quantity and price.

We train our models on thousands of invoices. If you predominantly use a particular set of invoices then we can customize / benchmark our ai model as per your requirements.

We are committed to offering services and resources to our customers to help them comply with the GDPR requirements.

Magic Invoice is API based and can be seamlessly integrated with any application.

Every time a correction is done manually, our algorithms learn from that data and adapt over time to solve similar problems in future.

Magic Invoice encrypts data at rest like files, images etc using AWS KMS Encryption. Data in motion is encrypted using TLS. Extraction Data stored is encrypted using AWS KMS Key based on the PII field configuration.

Magic Invoice capabilities are available on cloud with all the right data security measures adopted.

Yes, customized confidence threshold levels can be set between 0-100, based on your requirements.