The world's first NO TOUCH automated invoice processing system with our proprietary CDR Graph TechnologyTM that enables you to handle variation and complexity with ease. This makes document processing so unbelievably easy that we simply had to call it Magic Invoice.

Invoice Processing Challenges

In today’s increasingly complex world with multitude of industries and processes within them, there are several challenges that arise while processing an invoice.

Complexity- Industry, invoice type

Complexity: Industry specific invoicing: Invoice
can be multi-line
or multi-page depending
on industries

Variations and Quality

Variations and Quality:
Vendor variations of
invoices and low quality
makes it difficult to process

Buyer goes through

Buyer goes through:
Delays in payment and duplicate of payments are routine problems that buyers face

Manual Errors - high degree of exceptions

Manual Errors - high degree
of exceptions:
Invoice processing has a high
degree of exception handling
and is prone to manual errors

Risk of fraud

Risk of fraud: Loss
of reputation and
financially draining

High costs of processing

High costs of
Cost of processing an invoice and training employees

Magic Invoice, a truly innovative invoice processing system with our proprietary CDR Graph Technology enables you to handle these challenges with ease.

The Magic Invoice Way: Email2ERP

A complete NO TOUCH Solution

Magic Invoice helps to streamline and automate the invoice processing journey. Invoices can be ingested directly from emails and accurate data capture powers the straight through invoice processing. The verification and approval process ensures that the invoice data matches with business data points and automatically routes to the right people at different stages of AP - Account Payable.

Magic Invoice APIs provide a seamless integration with ERP, CRM and other core systems making it a zero-touch system from email receipt to payment processing.

The core AI algorithms help address the complex scenarios like scanned quality issues, multi-page, multi-line table extraction and innumerable variations depending on the industry, business or type of expense.

CDR Graph Technology

Magic Invoice's CDR (Cognitive Data Relationship) Graph Technology is powered by 5 algorithms:
These algorithms make document processing so unbelievably easy that we simply had to call it Magic Invoice.

Contextual Quality Enhancer


Contextual Quality Enhancer

Our proprietary AI model enhances quality of the documents across multiple quality parameters allowing better extraction accuracy and document coverage

Contextual Document Identifier


Contextual Document Identifier

Our proprietary AI pipeline to intelligently improve, classify/identify invoices from the incoming documents across various formats and quality standards

Contextual Document Capture


Contextual Document Capture

Provides an ensemble of AI pipelines to comprehend and capture entities across images and text from visually rich Invoices with highest accuracies, going beyond template based OCRs and rule based RPAs

Contextual Table Detection


Contextual Table Detection

Our purpose built deep learning model is trained on various table structures and complexities to provide Multi-Page, Multi-Line capture of table data critical to power the last mile success across various Invoice user journeys

Contextual Document Object


Contextual Document Object

Provides capabilities to build contextual visual segments and identify the nature of semantic and hierarchical relationships between the entities and help define the normalised document schema for consumption

Presenting the Magic Invoice Edge

Automated Procees

Automated Process

An intelligent solution to fully
automate manual, error-prone
data entry processes

Scalable Solution

Scalable Solution

A highly scalable solution to
significantly improve processing
time, speed and costing

Eliminate Errors

Eliminate Errors

Automation of accounts payable to
eliminate payment errors and late

Reduce cost

Operational Efficiency

Operation costs reduced by 60% along with real-time processing of invoices

Faster processing

Faster processing

Improve efficiency by reducing invoice processing time by 80%

Human in Loop Capability

Human in Loop Capability

With human in the loop operation, it ensures systematic exception handling which reduces errors and optimises human efforts

The Magic Under the Hood

Excellence that is powered by the magic of our capabilities


Intake of documents
through sources such as
Emails, Uploads, SFTP, etc.



Contextual identification of
invoices amongst various
types of documents



Intelligent and relevant data
extraction from the invoices at
an entity level, using AI-ML



3 way match of captured
data with purchase data
(P.O, GRN)



Invoice approval setup
with configurable
approval hierarchy



Seamless integration with downstream consuming system via APIs


Taking convenience to the Next Frontier

Discover the feature-rich functionality of Magic Invoice

Invoice Data Capture

Invoice Data Capture

28+ AI Models

28+ AI Models



Invoice Data Capture

Capturing of invoice data from single/multi-page
documents through multi-channel input sources
and wide variations through an intuitive drag and
drop/Email listening/SFTP Folders/Hot Folders

Invoice Data Capture
Human in Loop Capabili

Human in Loop Capability

API-first, Cloud-first Solution

Cloud-first Solution

Business Rule Validation

Business Rule

Powered by Intellect’s Doc2API platform, Magic Invoice leverages new-age technologies such as AI-ML-NLP and deep learning, to automate the invoice process cycle end to end. Magic invoice can ingest documents from various sources, classify, contextually capture meaningful data and integrate the output back into the downstream system through APIs.


An AI powered, cloud-native intelligent document processing platform


Doc2API captures contextual information from unstructured and semi structured documents. It leverages AI technologies like Computer Vision, ML/Deep learning, NLP to classify, capture, validate, and enrich information from a wide variety of documents across a variety of use cases, business functions and industry verticals.

Doc2API, as the name suggests provides consumable APIs for the document type trained through the platform.

Magic Invoice is powered by the Doc2API platform and its associated capabilities.

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